Age of Conan: Role Playing Etiquette Role Playing Games

When you’re playing an MMORPG, it’s generally understood that it’s a very social environment (well, as social as this can get anyway) Just like offline, you have rules to follow and conventions to respect if you want to become a respected member of your role playing community. If you fail to follow the established rules, you end up hated, because news travels quite fast amongst MMORPG players. A lot of these rules especially apply to Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures.

Don’t beg. Begging is the practice of signing on to a game for the first time and asking repeatedly for items or gold from the more experienced players. This is seen as the easy way out. It’s okay to do it once, but if you ask and they say no, thank them anyway and leave it at that. Go find your own items and such; the game’s much more rewarding. Conan was a barbarian, do you think he had everything handed to him? No, he went out and took it himself, and if you’re playing in the world he inhabits, the rules are the same for you.

On that token, be nice to your fellow players – remember the Golden Rule. This especially applies when you’ve gotten some more experience. Treat newer players as you’d want to be treated; remember that you yourself were new, so you have no reason to berate them. If they continually ask stupid questions after being repeatedly told the answer, just ignore them or tell them politely to go away.

Again on that token, know that in Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures there are going to be some players that prefer to roleplay their character (playing IC or in character) and some who prefer to just play OoC (out of character) Both of these play styles are equally valid, so if you’re a role player, don’t berate an OoC player for their lack of role playing, and likewise from the other side of the fence don’t mock someone for getting into the role playing aspect. All this does is create arguments within the group that could easily be avoided.

When you’re forming a group, don’t vanish on them by forming the group and never showing up to play during their sessions. It doesn’t at all make you a good leader, nor does it allow you to gain experience with the rest of the players. Likewise, don’t be too hasty to form a group without first understanding the nature of the game. Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventure gives you plenty of time to play in the single-player mode to familiarize yourself with the game setup and workings before really digging into the mechanics.

Take your group into consideration when playing by allowing them to get some of the items, allocate gold and supplies evenly between all of you. Not only is this just a nice thing to do, it’s smarter. After all, if two or three of you had full plate armor and two-handed broadswords, would you want to have to sit there and protect the one who’s stuck with half-leather armor and a staff or some such weapon because they couldn’t buy anything else? Yes, you could just let the enemy kill them, but you can guarantee they’d likely get angry and leave the group. These few simple rules will help you to be a better and more liked player of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventure.